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On-Loan CFO

What the heck is an on-loan CFO?  If you aren't ready to hire a full-time CFO but still need the insight to the real financials of your business, an on-loan CFO is the perfect solution. An on-loan CFO is a strategic partner and mentor to you to address the key financials of your business.  Having a little help understanding your financials does not have to be expensive, our services start as little as $100 per month.

A good CFO doesn't just look at the numbers, they advise and consider all the factors of the company from operations and sales to employee engagement and customer satisfaction.


Assistance in creating your path to success

Do you know where you are going and more importantly, how to get there?​​

  • Mission, Vision, & Culture

  • Strategic Planning

  • Cash Flow & Budgeting Strategies 

  • Business Advice at Every Level​

Brand Strategy


Bookkeeping oversight & Financial Review

If you have an established bookkeeper, we can help in the following areas​

  • Where is the money going?

  • Are my expenses optimized?

  • Do I have enough cash?

  • How much is this debt really costing me?

Analysing the Data


- Level up

Do you have a little more volume? Level up is perfect

  • Quickbooks On-line included ($35 value)

  • 3 account up to 100 Transactions (without inventory)

  • Tax ready financials to hand to your CPA



Starting at $135/mo

Young Woman with Black Hair


Key Performance Indicators & Dashboards​

What gets measured gets done!

  • Develop and maintain custom built KPI Dashboards

  • Excel or Google Sheets Integration

  • Measure the performance of anything

Analyzing the data


- Easy Start

When you need a little help Easy Start is the perfect option 

Quickbooks On-line included ($35 value)

2 accounts up to 100 Transactions (without inventory)

Tax ready financials to hand to your CPA



Starting at $115/mo

Man Checking his Phone


- Next Level

Invoicing / Vendor Management

Do you have more complex accounting or inventory? Complete our request form and receive a custom quote. Quickbooks on-line always included in quote.​​

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